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An Italian Man Fell in Love with a Japanese Woman



A Japanese Woman who Got Married in Italy is Expecting a Baby Soon!


As I wrote on this newsletter last time, there is a California couple who decided to get married in 2020.


We also heard from another member couple in California who recently got married! He gave us a testimonial.



In addition, two previously married couples are expecting babies in 2020! One couple is in California and the other is in Italy.




One of our male members who got married and started a happy new life with a Japanese woman in Italy came to the US last week. Matchmaker Luna and her husband Steve had dinner with him.


Here is a happy voice from him.

Thank you very much!


He came to Japan in Spring 2019 in order to meet some of our female members in Japan. He traveled to Kansai(Kyoto and Nara)and we arranged a meeting for them in Nara. We remember that she drove a few hours in order to meet him. He came to Japan from Italy to meet her. Both of them spent a huge amount of time and effort.


Therefore, their date in Nara was a kind of miracle and both of them felt chemistry and enjoyed their precious moment together in Japan.


After that, things went quickly! Their first date was in March 2019, then they married in September 2019, and now they will have a baby in June 2020!



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