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Marry a Japanese woman

Message from T. & M (Arizona) after the Meeting in NY

Arizona T & M

Hi Naoko, How are you?

I’m just writing to say hello.I flew back to Arizona on Monday afternoon. M and I were together almost all weekend, and I think we had a very good time, talking and walking here and there. The weather wasn’t very good until Sunday–it was cloudy and rainy for most of the weekend–, but we were able to walk around, talk a lot and see a few of the attractions. I wish we’d had more time–M said the same thing. Four days was just too short…!

We talked about her coming to see me in Arizona in September, hopefully for a week; I’m going to try and fly to Tokyo in late December (perhaps for New Year’s Day) or early January. And we talked a little about making long-term plans… So I think we’re on the right path. M is still a little concerned about my relationship with my ex-wife and our daughter. But I think (I hope?) that will pass as M gains more confidence in the relationship M and I have together.

M and I had a lot of time to talk and laugh together, and I think we’ll be very good as a couple. It will be more difficult now that we’ve actually met–because now we really do know and miss each other, and the distance is going to occasionally make things hard. But i think everything will be okay.

I think M is going to write to you about her thoughts and feelings. I’d really appreciate any advice you can give me and us on how to continue making this a successful and happy relationship.

Thank you very much for introducing us. Here are two pictures of us in New York. The first one was taken while we were walking over the Brooklyn Bridge back into Manhattan; the second was taken from Rockefeller Center. Take care;

I hope everything is going well for you in Maryland! Cheers,

T.T. (Arizona)

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