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Marry a Japanese Woman

My Japanese Wife Changed My Life: Message from Roland (Maryland)

Maryland Roland & Naoko

My Japanese Wife Changed My Life. She is a Matchmaker.

During the winter of 2006, I met a Japanese woman in California. She appeared in my life all of a sudden. Her name was Naoko Matsumoto. At the time, she visited her client who was one of my best friends, who I was also visiting, and that’s how we met.


Naoko and I got married in October 2006. We didn’t know each other for a long time before we decided to get married. At first, I thought who is this cheerful and open-minded woman? She was a welcome relief to me after dating overly cautious and jaded American women. As we spent time together chemistry developed and we enjoyed each other’s company. And, then we both fell in love with each other. 


Naoko and I moved from California to Maryland, embarking on an 11 days drive, where our home sweet home is now. We have a beautiful son.

Meeting my wife changed my life for the better and our happiness together has continued for over 12 years!

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