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reasonable hotels in Japan

#102 The Top 10 Business Hotels in TOKYO

reasonable hotels in Japan


We have many male clients who visit Japan throughout the year. We are always happy to assist our clients who travel to Japan to meet our female clients!


We are asked by our male clients if we would recommend nice, reasonably priced hotels in TOKYO. Hotels rooms are expensive in Japan and the rooms are small. However, many hotels offer excellent quality and service. Some hotels include amazing buffet style breakfasts.

Here is the list of “The Top 10 Business Hotels in TOKYO Selected by Rakuten Travel, which is one of the best online travel agencies in Japan. The hotels they selected are great for business use and the prices are reasonable. Many people who have stayed at these hotels say that they would like to stay there again.



■The Top 10 Business Hotels in TOKYO

#1 Richmond Hotels



#2 Dormy Inn




#3 Daiwaroy Net Hotels



#4 JR Kyushu Hotels



#5 Vessel Hotels



#6 Mitsui Garden Hotels



#7 Hotel Mets Group



#8 JAL Hotels



#9 Metropolitan Hotels



#10 Miyako Hotels & Resorts




We also recommend “Japan Deluxe Tours”, a travel agency in Torrance, California. They have many unique travel plans and options, such as an Anime Spots Tour. They can arrange your own private travel plan for a reasonable price.



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We look forward meeting with you in JAPAN this summer.


We are always happy to assist you!
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